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Markets provides world-class solutions and an unmatched global presence. We serve corporates, institutional investors and governments from trading floors in almost 80 countries. The strength of our underwriting, sales and trading and distribution capabilities span asset classes and currencies, providing us with an unmatched ability to meet the needs of our clients.
What We Offer
Commodities delivers customized, innovative solutions for clients, helping them manage uncertainty due to market volatility.
Rates is a market maker in sovereign and agency securities, interest rate derivatives, structured notes and secured financing and is a primary dealer in government securities and global liquidity provider in secondary markets across multiple jurisdictions.
Equities, Prime & Futures
Equities offers execution, liquidity and idea generation to our clients, focusing on trading a suite of products that span physical shares, ETFs, synthetic shares and baskets, options and other derivatives.
Spread Products
Global Spread Products provides capital to our clients through liquidity and innovative solutions across the credit, municipal and securitized markets.
Foreign Exchange (FX)
Foreign Exchange has led the industry for over 200 years, providing insights and access to local markets across the world and supported by award-winning technology that enables us to deliver execution in 130 currencies.
The Nordics: The Last European Frontier
Foreign investors often pigeon-hole the Nordics as being a single homogenous bloc, but the region’s capital markets are diverse and far from standardised. What are some of the challenges and opportunities facing the region?  
Bitcoin At the Tipping Points
The first Citi GPS venture into digital currency was back in 2014 when we featured it in an article in our second Disruptive Innovations report. Although we discussed Bitcoin, we did so with the caveat that it was a branded digital currency and a freely available generic Bitcoin technology but there was the potential that a non-Bitcoin alternative digital currency would one day supplant it. In May 2014, when we published the report, Bitcoin was just five years old with a market value around $6.2 billion.
Europe Credit: A strong case for leverage. But caution endures.
Citi Research analyst Hans Lorenzen reckons the case for levering up in corporate Europe isn’t matched by the data. Instead, caution--for now-- is the order of the day.
August 24, 2021
June 11, 2021
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May 27, 2021
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