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Global Knowledge & Insight

Citi’s research is drawn from all markets in which we operate to form a global view of business and finance.
The World As One; Insight From Every Angle
Citi’s suite of research tools is designed to provide clients with knowledge & insight in an accessible, digestible and thought-provoking way. Here’s a guide to help you navigate;
Must C
Actionable and thematic reports with global, cross-border or cross-asset class ramifications and a long shelf-life.
The key periodicals from both our macro and fundamental research teams that represent our top of the house views.
Global Perspectives & Solutions
This series takes an in-depth look at the most significant issues facing the world today such as: digital disruption, How Covid-19 has changed the world
In a Global Context
A series which contextualizes global competitive positioning and valuations, capitalizing on our broad footprint.
Innovation Lab
Data science-driven proprietary research carried out in collaboration with the Tel Aviv-based Citi Innovation Lab.
Sustainable & Responsible Investing
In-depth analysis of sustainability-related themes, and their impact on sectors and stocks, as part of our journey to full ESG Integration.
Advantage Global Insights
Citi Global Insights (CGI) conducts in-depth analysis, provides cutting edge data science, and host conferences and events around key trends. We provide extensive analysis on themes, industries and macro trends, but do not provide recommendations on securities.
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